About VoloCloud

Who we are
A start-up company of young enthusiast developers based in London, UK.

What we do
Cloud applications for any small or medium size business, to keep its online customers happy and business profitable. Our company’s motto is “Put your business on the cloud!”.

What we are developing
Currently we are under hard development of a cloud based suite that integrates the entire business needs (Business management, Accounting, ERP & Ecommerce software).

About VoloChat

Back in 2006, long before VoloCloud Ltd, one of us developed an online chat platform for a well-known ecommerce store. Seven years later, we are building a new experience of online chatting.

We are happy to announce VoloChat, an enriched cloud based and easy-to-use cloud chat platform, which everyone could embed on its website and interact real-time with visitors. And this is just one of more than a dozen features!

Get live feed of your visitors and co-browse with them, interact like never before by chatting and pushing content real time providing a compelling customer experience! Advanced statistics and many other features are there on a great backend tool for your website.